Gaita Theory

Course: Play Gaita with the Cuatro – Gaita Celebrations

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Adrian Toro

Starting off with the theory of Gaita, we will take a look at several ways in which you can interpret Gaita.

A log of focus should go out to the double frenado considering the complexity of this element. It will take a bit of practice and some patience in order to master this skill, so do take your time with it.

Get the Feel

In the introductions, try to review what chords you would like to use when interpreting Gaita. Sometimes it is a matter of switching between a progression of Im and V7. For example, just for yourself, try to play a bar where you strum G Minor in it’s first position and then as a finishing strum, end it with D7. Playing with this you can already start to get the feel of Gaita.

Master this part well, there are plenty of songs to apply this to in the following lessons.

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