Modernizing the Cuatro: Abraham Sarache

Learn the unique techniques used by music professional Abraham Sarache to play Rock music using the accosting and electro acoustic Cuatro.

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Every musical instrument undergoes its very own evolutionary path. The Cuatro is no different! The music played with the Cuatro is no longer that of the traditional folkloric genres…..it is any piece! Many people are starting to use the Cuatro as an instrument with which they can play more popular genres such as Reggae u0026amp; Ska; as well as alternative music. One of the pioneers in broadening the horizons of the Cuatro is musician Abraham Sarache from the band She’s Alone.

As opposed to learning the Cuatro with traditional methods, Abraham began to embrace the Cuatro as yet another tool in his musical masterpieces. So, instead of starting with traditional music, he jumped right into the alternative rock world, resulting in great success with his achievements. Coming from a rock band, he soon discovered the possibilities of the Electric Cuatro, a modern instrument owned by few and envied by many, which he has been using to bring the Cuatro to the outer limits.

Jeremy – Pearl Jam (Cuatro Cover)

Now for the first time in Cuatro history, we are able to indulge ourselves and become a part of the internationalization of the Cuatro. With this course, we will demonstrate the abilities you can acquire for playing acoustic and electric Cuatro as Abraham Sarache will take you through modern techniques you can apply to the Cuatro and help you interpret popular songs. We have also included several songs with the Electric Cuatro, but don’t worry, these can easily be interpreted with the Acoustic Cuatro.

Interested In Forming Your Own Band

We have designed the videos in this course to serve not only as a medium whereby you can learn how to play the songs demonstrated but also so that you can accompany Abraham while you are playing your songs. This is a great value add so that as you develop your skills, you can start with some strumming and then begin to explore some fingerpicking while you accompany a great music artist as he continues his quest to modernize the Cuatro.

Just One Night – Abraham Sarache u0026amp; She’s Alone

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