Cuatro Covers: A New Kind of Sound

Course: Modernizing the Cuatro: Abraham Sarache



The majority of Cuatro owners have acoustic Cuatros and many of the interpretations or covers found on the web are making use of the acoustic instrument. Just as with any other string instrument or music instrument rather, we are able to interpret songs and play them as easily or as complicated as we wish. This depends on the ability of the Cuatro player himself and the variations which they wish to bring to the pieces. Keeping this in mind, instructor Abraham Sarache has been able to provide interpretations of music pieces which are relatively easy to play, yet complicated enough to give the sensation of taking the song completely by control, resulting in a great master piece. With these songs, it is a matter of following the video along with the chords which are provided and you will be playing them all in no time. Take close notice of some of the variations being played and also make sure that you familiarize yourself with the original version of the songs.

Practice With Our Materials u0026amp; Play Any Song

The focus of this lesson is for you to be able to play the songs indicated and for you to follow the video and gain a sense of your own feel as a musician. We will help you out by supporting you with the videos and chords, but take close notice that it will be ultimately up to you to make the musical pieces work. The levels can be considered as between beginners and intermediate, as all of the songs contain elements of difficulty and of ease. Notice that something else is being done here with the Cuatro and by being able to play these songs following the material provided, you too will be able to search for your own favorite songs and be able to play them.

Accompany Abraham Sarache

Another great thing about these videos and we encourage for all persons to do so…..play along with them! Become an accompaniment for Abraham Sarache as he plays the songs and you will get an even greater vibe. Here is where you can practice playing with more musicians and become more in sync. Essentially, getting ready to form your own little band!

Changing Sounds u0026amp; Looks

Most instruments go through their own evolutionary stages. Some change their characteristics slightly resulting in different instruments all together. A prime example of this is how instruments had evolved into becoming the Banjo, Ukulele, Charango, Tiple and the Cuatro. The evolution then took another step towards the more electric world, where the purpose was to amplify the sounds of the instruments. Little did the pioneers in this area know the resulting sounds would change the instruments themselves as well as the way in which they are played.

Promises – Abraham Sarache

For the Electric Cuatro, this is precisely what had happened, but with a different intention. The intention here was not to amplify sound (this was achieved through electro-acoustic Cuatros and by connecting microphones to the instruments themselves) but to transform the instrument into something similar to that of the electric guitar. This had taken place through the experimentation of electronics and even different materials such as fiber glass and acrylics. Today’s Electric Cuatros may become difficult to come across, but there are alternatives such as more modern luthiers (if you are interested in acquiring an Electric Cuatro, write to us directly here).

If You Can’t Go Electric….Go Acoustic!

The interpretations played in the form of covers are for popular international songs where Abraham Sarache takes the Electric Cuatro to the fullest and exploits all of the grand effects that it has to offer. This will give you a great feeling as far as what the songs can potentially sound like, especially the rock ones such as Enter Sandman by Metallica. If you do not have an electric Cuatro, please do not be concerned. All of the interpretations can be played with an acoustic Cuatro and you will be able to successfully play all of the songs without any problem. Make sure you study the finger picking carefully and familiarize yourself with the chords and notes playing whilst Abraham Sarache is letting the songs have it.

Here is another great opportunity for you to play along with an incredible pioneer in the world of the Cuatro. Familiarize yourself with the song u0026amp; play along with the Electric Cuatro master Abraham Sarache!

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