Acoustic & Electric Cuatro Comparisons

Course: Modernizing the Cuatro: Abraham Sarache



So here it is….for the first time in the history of the instrument, we present to you a demonstration provided by Abraham Sarache of a comparison between the Acoustic Cuatro u0026amp; Electric Cuatro. Within the demonstration different kinds of pieces will be played using both instruments. This way, you will have a clear view as to how these instruments are so similar, yet so different.

Cuatro Comparisons – Abraham Sarache

As you can see, the difference is definitely there, whether it is with the finger picking or when applying frenados. Do be aware of some of the features that this entails. The Acoustic Cuatro used is a standard Cuatro with all of the regular kinds of attributes which the Cuatro has. The Electric Cuatro on the other hand, has been custom made to the liking of Abraham Sarache. There are many different kinds of Electric Cuatros, some are more electro-acoustic instruments which are simply amplifying sound, and others really push the instrument to it’s limits. Before considering an Electric Cuatro, do consult with us as we will be able to guide you accordingly and ensure that you have an instrument to your liking, just as Abraham has.

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