Jeremy – Pearl Jam

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The song “Jeremy” by Pearl Jam was written by lead singer Eddy Vedder and is in fact, based on two true unfortunate true stories involving the quarrels of teenagers in the United States. One story involved the tragedy of Jeremy Wade Delle from Richardson, Texas who shot himself in a classroom in 1991. The similarity between this and the second stroy, was that Eddy Vedder too had an experience in his high school with the same unfortunate outcome. A masterpiece of the ’90s, Jeremy is a song envied by many and is popular to play on the guitar and now is available on the Cuatro through this interpretation by Abraham Sarache.

This cover in particular is great to play along to, as Abraham has mixed both the picking and strumming in the same take giving a great effect. If you have two Cuatros or someone with the Uke who would like to play along, encourage them to do so.

Jeremy – Pearl Jam

Interpretation – Abraham Sarache



B —————————
D ———–7—5—12*—-
A –0-5-7-0—0———12*

B ————————7*
D ———–7—5—12*—
A –0-5-7-0—0————



bridge Jeremy


chorus1 jeremy

chorus brackets jeremy

chorus3 jeremy

chorus brackets jeremy


B  ———–x—x–
D  ———–7—5-
A  –0-5-7-0-0-0-0

Final Chorus:

chorus1 jeremy
chorus4 jeremy
chorus brackets jeremy
chorus3 jeremy
chorus brackets jeremy


outro jeremy

Final Arpeggio

B  ———————————————————————————————
D  —-14—14–12—12–9—-9—10—-10—–5—5—-7—-7—-5—-5—-7—7-
A  –0———-0———–0——–0————-0———-0———0———-0——-

Once you have mastered this piece, go ahead and try to play it along with the video in the background. You won’t regret it! Play along with it, be it the finger plucking or the strumming and even start to sing along and share the sensational emotion captured in this song.

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