Don’t Speak – No Doubt

Course: Modernizing the Cuatro: Abraham Sarache

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The song “Don’t Speak” was released in 1996 and formed part of the album Tragic Kingdom in 1996. No Doubt, being mostly a ska / punk band, this was a song which turned it down for the band in terms of how the song fit with the rest of the album as well as the theme of the song. The song itself was written by Gen Stefani and her brother, and it was relating to the end of a long-term relationship which had just ended.

This interpretation by Abraham Sarache makes use of the effects of the Electric Cuatro to enhance the verses and the solo sections of the song. It makes use of quite a bit of the fretboard, as you will find yourself going down all the way to the 13th fret. The song is easily interpretated with the acousic Cuatro and do ensure that you listen carefully as the song is played and get to know it prior to attempting to reproduce it yourself.

Don’t Speak – No Doubt
Interpretation – Abraham Sarache

Intro Dont Speak


dont speak chorus1

dont speak chorus2


dont speak verse2


dont speak verse3


dont speak bridge


dont speak solo

The main tip whenever playing interpretations is to make use of the modular approach. This is an approach used by soloist students who first familiarize themselves with 4 chords at a time and then unite the whole song as one piece. It is a highly effective approach and it will work perfectly for this and other songs. So, first get to memorize and master one section, then follow through to the next section until you finally have the whole song to play for yourself.

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