Newly Applied Techniques

Course: Modernizing the Cuatro: Abraham Sarache



Introducing the Cuatro to Different Techniques

The techniques used in traditional Cuatro playing differ greatly from that of other instruments. Nevertheless, we should not forget that it is and will always remain a string instrument. With this comes a wide range of possibilities, as it is possible to apply other techniques used by it’s more popular relatives. Similarly, the techniques traditionally used for the Cuatro can be applied to other instruments.

In this occasion, instructor Abraham Sarache will demonstrate different techniques which are just being introduced to the Cuatro. This is a great step as they will permit for you to continue to explore your instrument and make use of it in ways that many are not applying just yet. Take a close look at the demonstrations and try to imitate them on your own Cuatro.

Aside from this, it is with great pleasure that we offer the first comparison between sounds generated by an Acoustic Cuatro and that of an Electric Cuatro. It is truly amazing to see and the demonstration is the first of it’s kind.

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