Course: Modernizing the Cuatro: Abraham Sarache

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Possibly the most difficult of the techniques demonstrated by Abraham Sarache, the tapping technique requires you to make use of the fretboard with both the playing hand and the marking hand. Here we use individual fingers to play different frets and the tapping needs to take place with a significant amount of strength in order to result in a strong sound. Take a close look at how this is executed in the demonstration below:

Tapping Demonstration – Abraham Sarache

Notice that this is a technique which requires a significant amount of agility in the fingers of both hands. Make sure that you hit the frets right in the middle between the metal frets as this will produce the best sound quality. A great technique to be used as you can see when the tempo is brought to a higher rate and you can get some great effects out of it. Practice this slowly and then speed up once you get comfortable.

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