Finger Picking by Abraham Sarache

Course: Modernizing the Cuatro: Abraham Sarache

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Finger picking is one of the most common techniques used to play stringed instruments, and the Cuatro is no exception. However, there are some interesting variations that make it unique. In this video, instructor Sarache demonstrates traditional fingerpicking, using the thumb, index, middle, and ring fingers to pluck each of the Cuatro’s four strings.

When playing, you can produce different sounds depending on where you pluck the strings. Playing at the top of the fingerboard will create a different sound compared to playing near the bridge. Most Cuatro players use this technique near the bridge to imitate the bass of the Bandola from lowland areas. (the bass of the lowlands which typically accompanies the Cuatro).

Finger Picking Demonstration – Abraham Sarache

In addition to traditional fingerpicking, another method being used is called an “accent.” This involves plucking a string with more force than usual, causing it to snap back and produce a unique effect. This method can be combined with a wide range of other techniques for even more variation in sound.

To see this technique in action, check out Abraham Sarache’s finger-picking demonstration video: ">

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