Applying Frenados to Rhythm

Course: Palm mute strum or Frenado for the Cuatro

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Having mastered the strums and reviewed some additional skills in the forms of chords and scales, now it is time to apply these to yet another rhythm. The first rhythm with frenados to be introduced is that of Aguinaldo and it’s not so distant cousin the Venezuelan Merengue. Some great rhythms upon which many songs are based, traditional songs of course. Aguinaldo is used more for celebrations as it is found in many parts of the Caribbean and it is an intoxicating rhythm.

Note: Progressing to through these next lesson topics does require knowledge of the different strumming techniques. Please ensure that you have practiced and are able to execute both the ascending and descending frenados prior to moving forward with these lesson topics

Learning Outcomes:

  • Practice the Sa-Ca-Chi-Cha Exercise
  • Play the rhythm of Aguinaldo using the progression of I – IV – V of any of the chords previously seen
  • Master the rhythm of Merengue
  • Familiarize yourself with combining the different strums
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