Floreo Strum

Course: Palm mute strum or Frenado for the Cuatro

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To make any musical piece more interesting than it already is, it’s good to introduce different effects in a structured way and this can be done with different kinds of strums. On this occasion, we will explore the floreo strum or flower strum and learn how to execute this for the Cuatro. This strum makes use of all of the fingers aside from the thumb. We start by hitting the strings starting with the pinky and then the last finger to hit the strings should be the index finger.

The Floreo Strum

This strum gives a great effect on all pieces. In the beginning, the natural way of moving your fingers is starting with the index finger and then followed by the rest. This way can also be used, but it gives a different effect and you lose a bit of speed when executing it. The floreo strum allows you to give a great effect whilst keeping the speed with which you are playing the song. Essentially, it is important to play the instrument with all methods you can find or apply. Can you think of a different way to play your Cuatro?

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