Practice the “Choques” or “Frenado” Strums in a 4×4 Rhythm

Course: Palm mute strum or Frenado for the Cuatro



Let’s practice!

Ok, so now for some exercises on keeping a rhythm and executing your frenados. By this time you have way more experience and knowledge than when starting this course.  It is time to prove it!

Now we will retake the strumming exercise we did in the first lesson.  this time just be sure to do this exercise as it is shown on the video making the frenados exactly one after another and changing the frenado position every few measures.

Being able to make a frenado on specific strum counts. Looks easy? Give it a shot!

Repeat with your Cuatro the provided exercises until you have familiarized yourself with it.

Frenado Exercise 4×4

frenado exercise 4 by 4

Practice until you feel it is natural to change the frenado position without losing the tempo.

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