Practice the “Choques” or “Frenado” Strums in a 4×4 Rhythm

Ok, so now for some exercises on keeping rhythm and executing your frenados. Be sure to take your time with this exercise as it is very important to conduct this exercise properly. Here we practice being able to make a frenado on specific strum counts. Looks easy? Give it a shot!

Repeat with your Cuatro the provided excercises until you have familiarized yourself with it.

Within this exercise, the “frenado” is indicated by the arrows ending with a dot. The “frenado” is fundamental when playing the Venezuela Cuatro and as you explore other rhythms, you will notice that the majority make use of this strumming technique.

Frenado Exercise 4×4

frenado exercise 4 by 4

Practiceuntil you feel it is natural to change the frenado position without losing the tempo.

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