G Major Details

Course: Palm mute strum or Frenado for the Cuatro



G Major is not an unpopular chord or key for that matter…..in fact some of the greatest songs are played in this key. Songs such as “Come as you are” by Nirvana and “Wish you were here” by the great Pink Floyd are both songs played in the G key. We’ll take a look at some examples in more detail as we move forward, but for now it is important to master the G Major chord and the G Major scale.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Play the G Major chord
  • Apply the progression of I – IV – V to the Vals Tonada rhythm
  • Master the G Major scale

When indicating the I – IV – V progression, this refers to the Tonic, Subdominant and Dominant chords relative to the chord in question, in this case such as G Major. We will be taking a look at this more and more as we progress.

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