Frenados Practice

Course: Palm mute strum or Frenado for the Cuatro



Let’s practice Frenados!

In this lesson, you’re going to have the chance to practice your frenados.  We will do four exercises and you can practice them as much as you like.

Try to master each of them because this way your hand will be used to those movements and playing songs will be easier for you after. This is the first lesson where you will need to upload your audio so we can help you guarantee you’re doing the frenados correctly. See our Audio Guide if you want to learn how to record the sound of your cuatro with your computer.

First Movement


Concentrate on applying the frenado only on the first strum of each four.  This is the basic way you will use frenado downwards when playing songs.

Second Movement


This second exercise will help you master the frenado up.  You will be playing measures of 4 and doing frenado up only on the second strum for each measure. This strumming is extremely important as will mark the difference between an amateur musician and a real professional cuatro player later.

Third Movement


The third exercise is a variation of the first one.  You will practice the frenado downwards but this time on the 3rd strum.  The exercise could become difficult for you as it is easy to lose the tempo and end up playing the frenado downwards on the first instead of the third.

Fourth Movement


In this last exercise, we will learn how to implement the frenado up at the last strum.  You will find that on most of the folk music, like joropo, gaita, parang, and others, the last strum is normally a frenado up

To be able to finish this part of the course we will require you to upload your media file.  What we specifically want is to listen to your frenados up and down and to listen how good you keep the tempo meanwhile you repeat these measures.

Feel free to imitate what you see on the video and record a small extract, an 8 seconds audio file will be sufficient.

Now record your video or audio of your practice and send it to us following the instructions below.

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