Introducing the Double Frenado

Course: Palm mute strum or Frenado for the Cuatro



We will take a look at some more strumming techniques in other courses relevant to different genres. Since we are currently practicing strumming, we wanted to introduce you to a highly complicated strumming technique mostly used in the Gaita genre which is known as the Double Frenado. This consists of two frenados in a sequence of ascending followed by descending.

This is an introduction to this strumming technique and we will take you through some exercises on how you can practice this in the video presented by Adrian Toro.

In this lesson, we will study four different movements in a 4/4 measure. Focus your attention on where the ascending frenado is conducted and where the descending frenado is used on the bear for each exercise.

First movement


Second movement


Third movement


Fourth movement


Try to keep the rhythm and this will most definitely help you with controlling the execution of the frenados as you move forward.

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