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Anna Zayats plays “Cassiopeia” – a Balalaika composition

For all the Balalaika music lovers! Today we invite you to listen to this beautiful instrumental Balalaika composition called “Cassiopeia”, by the musician Anna Zayats. Enjoy this beautiful musical piece by Anna Zayats called “Cassiopeia”, played with a Balalaika, an instrument from Russia, that we also like here at TuCuatro.  Our team has put together …

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Parts of the Cuatro

Get to know your Cuatro. This lesson explains the different parts of the Cuatro. It is essential to be able to describe your instrument and also to get to know it. Each Cuatro has specific characteristics and attributes. By using these features, you will be able to orientate yourself on your instrument. So if on …

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The Modern Cuatro

New Teaching Methods The Cuatro is no longer an instrument people keep hanging on their walls as an adornment. It is an instrument admired by many and has specific characteristics. The Cuatro player also has certain features. The Cuatro player is persistent, agile and can play from a nice and simple accompaniment to a soloist …

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A New Kind of Sound – The Electric Cuatro

As with other music instruments, the Cuatro has also been exposed to the new age of innovation and interpretation by modern luthiers and artists. Here we are talking specifically about the Electric Cuatro played in the video below by She’s Alone band artist and Cuatro professor Abraham Sarache: Electric Cuatro Demonstration: “Promises” Abraham Sarache – She’s Alone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E24xydBrXAg …

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Where is the Cuatro played?

Historically, Colombia and Venezuela…..recently WORLDWIDE!! Although the Cuatro is most popular in its region of origin, the intoxicating sounds of the instruments and incredible possibilities have spread. Modern artists such as Jorge Glem and Carlos Capacho have presented the possibilities of the instrument on an international level, but still a long way to go. There …

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