The Cuatro Vs The Ukulele

If you are an avid musician with an affinity for the ukulele, you should become more acquainted with its Venezuelan cousin. The cuatro looks almost identical to the ukulele and will immediately captivate your attention upon first glance. If you are interested in learning more about the cuatro, you are definitely not alone. The popularity of this string […]

What makes the cuatro an unique instrument?

There are not many instruments with a reentrant running in this modern world. Probably because of the influence of the modern guitar where all the strings are tuned ascendant and all other instruments follow. Basses, violins, violonchelos, guitars, and many other string instruments are tuned in a way you will always find their highest notes […]

What’s the difference between an Ukulele and a Cuatro

So you discovered that there’s an instrument called Cuatro and probably know about it’s resemblance to the Ukulele. It is true that the similarities are numerous but there’s a spectacular difference: The Cuatro has a reentrant tuning where its fourth and last string is tuned on an octave lower, almost as low as the first […]

Receita de Samba

Receita de Samba is a very popular brazilian song, it was written by Jacob do Bandolim and quickly became one of the references for samba music around the world. If you’re familiar with this song you will notice how the percussion takes a relevant role along the song. Here’s a video of Receita de Samba […]

What is TuCuatro? Learn instruments like guitar online

TuCuatro is a portal where interested students can learn how to play the Cuatro and other instruments like guitar online. Starting as an initiative by Venezuelan Cuatristas, we have dedicated ourselves to assisting and facilitating persons from all nationalities with a means to learn to play Cuatro. As a team, we are made up of […]

The TuCuatro Methodology

TuCuatro uses a modular methodology with our curriculum. The lessons are divided into sections or modules of 2-4 lessons each and all sections must be completed in chronological order. At the end of each lesson, there will be a series of questions that would need to be answered prior to moving forward to the next […]