Demonstration & Feedback: Dama Antañona

Course: Cuatro Masters: Cheo Hurtado

Picture of TuCuatro


In this demonstration, a student playing at the Siembra del Cuatro 2015 has been interpreting a fragment from the song Dama Antañona. Take a look at how the student is playing with his Cuatro fitted for left handed persons.

Advanced Student’s Interpretation of Dama Antañona

After having concluded the song, Cheo Hurtado has provided the student with some feedback on the playing style and how he can continue to improve the song. This is done specifically looking at how the song flows and how he is harmonizing the music. Remember to turn the subtitles ON.

Dama Antañona Interpretation Feedback

This was a very fortunate student to have received feedback from the grand master Cheo Hurtado. In reality, this feedback can serve any student playing as the tips provided are applicable to any student trying to interpret soloist songs just as this student has.

The main piece of feedback provided is with respect to the melody and when playing soloist songs, then we should make sure that we should play the songs without necessarily having to pick the strings individually. The accent or the emphasis should be on the strings which keep the melody of the song as he was referring to the specific strings which needed to sound above the others in the video.

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