Course: Basic Course for Bandola Llanera

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Yasuji D'Gucci

The strings made especially for Bandolas Llaneras do exist, but are not available everywhere. Therefore, you should substitute other instrument’s strings for bandola strings. The strings for classical guitars fit perfectly. The correspondence of strings between bandola and classical guitar is as follows.

  • 2nd string of classical guitar (nylon) – 1st string of Bandola Llanera
  • 3rd string of classical guitar (nylon) – 2nd string of Bandola Llanera
  • 5th string of classical guitar (wound) – 3rd string of Bandola Llanera
  • 6th string of classical guitar (wound) – 4th string of Bandola Llanera

A set of strings fabricated for the Bandola Llanera (La Bella C-50) and my selection of classical guitar strings for substitution (Savarez 528R + 529R and D’addario J4405 + J4406)


As there are many different kinds of strings available for the acoustic Spanish guitar, do not limit yourself to making use of only these models being mentioned. Find what is most accessible to you and what fits, but do follow the necessary ordering of the strings as is indicated above.

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