Mosaic of Rhythms

Level 10: Learn different rhythms and dominate Venezuelan music genres.

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There are such a vast amount of rhythms to touch upon with any musical instrument, and the Cuatro is no different. In this course for Mosaic of Rhythms we focus in on several rhythms which are living more in the shadows of the more popular genres such as Joropo and Salsa. There are some amazing songs coupled to these rhythms and we will take you through the soloist versions of some of these songs.

One of the more famous songs we will be exploring is Moliendo Cafe by Hugo Blanco which is played using the rhythm of Orquidea. A marvelous way of expressing oneself and you will have plenty of material to review relating to various rhythms.

We will also be exploring more of the Periquera rhythm and see how it is to be interpreted in numerous positions along the fretboard of the Cuatro. This in itself is highly useful for students who are in search of improving their ability to switch between chords along the fretboard and increasing their familiarity in chord variations.