Moliendo Cafe – Soloist

Course: Mosaic of Rhythms

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Now we will take you through a soloist version of the song “Moliendo Cafe” by Hugo Blanco. It is important to follow the initial instructions provided by Adrian Toro, whereby he indicates the importance of turning on the Metronome (found below). In this interpretation, you will be put to the test. Listen carefully to the chords played and follow the indicated chords below in the illustration. There are certain variations to the chords which are up to the Cuatrista to play, and we recommend to follow the melody as well as to include additional notes where you see fit. Pay close attention to the chords, we will provide the basic versions of them below. Within the video, please turn ON the subtitles for the introduction during the instructional part.

Moliendo Cafe – Hugo Blanco – Soloist Interpretations

Chords Moliendo Cafe Basic Chords


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