Cuban Trova

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The Cuban Trova originates from the eastern part of the island of Cuba in the city of Santiago de Cuba. It is a highly distinctive rhythm from Cuba and it’s music touches many themes, predominant that relating to love stories as it would be seranated to loved ones in front of their homes, windows and balconies. As this is a non-cuatro rhythm, the distinctive instrument used when playing a Trova is the guitar. Take a look at the illustration provided below on how the Trova is executed and try this rhythm out with your favorite chords.

Cuban Trova Rhythm Illustration

Cuban Trova
Cuban Trova

The demonstration provided below is conducted with open strings. As mentioned, try this out with some of your chords you like the most, but do ensure that you familiarize and practice the rhythm.

Cuban Trova Demonstration

Great to know that there are more rhythms relating or originating from Cuba as incredible as the Son and Mambo with such a cultural significance as the Trova.

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