The Orquidea Rhythm

Learning the rhythm Orquidea will permit you to play one of the greatest and most known songs in the history of Latin American music history being Moliendo Cafe by Hugo Blanco. It is a rather simple rhythm which as with most takes some getting used to. We will provide a demonstration on how to execute this rhythm and then later on you will be able to refer to the lesson on how to play Moliendo Cafe, the ability to do so is an absolute sensation.

The rhythm of Orquidea is a rhythm of 4×4. As you can see in the illustration below, the strumming pattern consists of a frenado followed by regular strumming:

Orquidea Rhythm

Ritmo Orquidea

Ok, now lets give you an example of what this rhythm sounds like using the Cuatro:

Orquidea Demonstration

Now to break it down a bit. The first video will start off with some silent strumming, hence the rhythmic pattern will be played with the apropriote strumming style but without the strings producing any sound. This is a useful technique widely used to practice rhythms with the Cuatro and this method of practice is referred to in another lesson. The video then proceeds with playing the rhythm.

Rhythm of Orquidea I

The following video provides another example on how to practice this rhythm with slower strums.

Rhythm of Orquidea II

It is very important to follow the videos and make sure that the rhythms are played flawlessly. It is very common to make some mistakes at this stage once you are learning a new rhythm. Also, there are many rhythms which can be played and sometimes we get a bit congested with them. Either way, the more tools you have at your disposal, the more well rounded of a Cuatrista you will become. The fundamentals are and will always be practice, practice & practice.

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