The Orquidea Rhythm

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Learning the rhythm Orquidea will permit you to play one of the greatest and most known songs in the history of Latin American music history being Moliendo Cafe by Hugo Blanco. It is a rather simple rhythm which as with most takes some getting used to. We will provide a demonstration on how to execute this rhythm and then later on you will be able to refer to the lesson on how to play Moliendo Cafe, the ability to do so is an absolute sensation.

The rhythm consists of 4 strums within each measure. Typically, the first strum is a frenado and this is then followed by 3 regular strums. Take a look at the illustration below depicting the rhythm of Orquidea following a repetitive pattern:

Rhythm of Orquidea


Have a look at how this rhythm is applied in the demonstration videos below. Notice that the 1 strum is a frenado and how the rhythm is formed by playing the measures of 4 in a repetitive sense just as it is indicated above.

Orquidea Demonstration – Open Strings

Orquidea Demonstration – Chords

Try to practice this rhythm and master it prior to moving forward as you will be presented with the iconic song by Hugo Blanco “Moliendo Cafe”. This one is a definite must for any cuatrista!

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