3rd Position D Major

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Be ready to apply the same technique and approach we made use of in the previous lesson topic, whereby you were in need of taking the progression into close consideration of the Periquera and pay close attention to the figures used when marking chords. To give an example of this, remember we made use of the figure of B Major in it’s first position to mark D Major in it’s second? Well, here it comes again as we make use of the same figure to mark G Major in it’s third position along the fretboard of the Cuatro:

B Major 1st Position

G Major 3rd Position

To keep a sharp eye for detail, as well as to serve as a bit of revision, here is the progression illustration as you have seen in the previous lesson topics:

Periquera Progression Illustration

Progression Periquera

Now let’s have a look at the Basic Periquera in D Major played in it’s third position along the fretboard of the Cuatro .

Periquera Demonstration – 3rd Positon of D Major


Demonstration Chords Periquera 3rd Position



Got it? Mastered it? Great! Now give it another try, this time with some more complicated chords and enhancements at an intermediate level:

Intermediate Periquera Demonstration – 3rd Position of D Major

Remember, these are important steps towards your way of becoming a Soloist Cuatro player. Practice, practice and keep practicing as it is fundamental to memorize the chords, the relationships between them so that you can then apply them when you are improvising.

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