Rhythm – Onda Nueva

Course: Mosaic of Rhythms

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The Onda Nueva rhythm is a challenging rhythm to properly execute because it consists of strums, empty strums (also known as ghost strums), frenados and floreo accents. For those of you who are not familiar with the floreo strum, take a quick look at the revision video below:

Floreo Strum

The rhythm of Onda Nueva can be depicted as follows and note that the descending blue arrow is a floreo strum:

Onda Nueva Rhythm
Onda Nueva Rhythm

Pay close attention to the demonstration provided by professor Adrian Toro relating to the Onda Nueva rhythm. Take notice the accents which are given and try to follow the strumming progression as this is key for the execution of the rhythm.

Onda Nueva Demonstration

Try the rhythm out with your favorite chords. Next we will take a close look at a relatively easy song to play being “Carretera”.

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