Carretera – Soloist

Course: Mosaic of Rhythms



This is a wonderful song composed by Aldemaro Romero. We will be taking a look at a soloist version of this song produced by Adrian Toro. It is a soloist version, which means that our approach to this song needs to be well structured and executed.

Whenever trying to play soloist songs, we must consider to split up the song in several modules. We then practice the individual modules and then start to integrate them as we familiarize ourselves with them. It is important to know these by memory and translate that with the positioning of our fingers on the fingerboard. Make sure you practice each module individually and follow the video example. Within the video, the song is first played at full speed using the rhythm of Onda Nueva and then is slowed down considerably in order for you to be able to identify the positioning of the chords whilst the professor is marking the chord.

Carretera Soloist Version

Carretera Chords – Modular Approach

The original version of Carretera can be listened to here:

Carretera Original

Notice the combination and fusion with the Jazz and Bossanova? A wonderful piece.

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