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Do you have a question about how the TuCuatro system can help you learn more about the cuatro instrument? Here you will find the responses in English for the most frequent questions asked by students and musicians.

It’s certainly difficult to find information in English for the cuatro or other exotic instruments so we hope these articles help you in the pursuit of learning to play the Cuatro. We recommend you check articles like How to Buy a Cuatro or How long does it take to learn.



The TuCuatro Methodology

As a musician, you are likely always looking for ways to improve your skills and learn new techniques. One great way to do this is


The History of the Cuatro Guitar Instrument

The Venezuelan cuatro has its origins in Europe. The history of this beautiful instrument started many centuries ago with the expansion of the popularity of

How do I know if a Cuatro is good?

Before buying an instrument, it is critical that you assure that the quality of the instrument is good enough and that it tunes correctly in

Parts of the Cuatro

Get to know your Cuatro. This lesson explains the different parts of the Cuatro. It is essential to be able to describe your instrument and

Popular artists using the Cuatros

There are popular composers and famous artists for the Cuatro. These are slightly different, and most of these persons have some sort of affiliation with

String or percussion instrument?

The answer, BOTH! Many string instruments can be played by making specific strums or hitting the wood. For most instruments, this is optional, but the Cuatro

The Modern Cuatro

New Teaching Methods The Cuatro is no longer an instrument people keep hanging on their walls as an adornment. It is an instrument admired by


A New Kind of Sound – The Electric Cuatro

As with other musical instruments, a new age of innovation and interpretation by modern luthiers and artists has made possible upgrades for this instrument. Out

Are there live lessons in TuCuatro?

From time to time we will be organizing live lessons. This has been a great success in the past where many students opt for participation,

Is the cuatro only used in South America?

All this talk about the Cuatro’s presence in South America. Believe us; it is not the only place! Many interpretations of music are made across


What is a Cuatro? Stringed Musical Instrument

What is the Venezuelan Cuatro? Originating from the plains shared between Venezuela and Colombia, the Venezuelan cuatro is a string musical instrument. It holds a

Where is the Cuatro played?

Historically, Colombia and Venezuela…..recently WORLDWIDE!! Although the Cuatro is most popular in its region of origin, the intoxicating sounds of the instruments and incredible possibilities