Free Online Venezuelan Cuatro Music Lessons

Tons of Venezuelan Cuatro classes and lessons by TuCuatro! Students of all levels will benefit of this list of topics made available by Venezuelan musicians and composers associated with TuCuatro.

Most of the lessons touch subjects like, how to handle and position the cuatro, basic chords that all cuatro players should know, rhythms, genres and teaching of melodies. Even more, there are a few lessons also touching on soloist playing and improvisation!

How much are the lessons

All lessons and topics made available at TuCuatro are free of charge. Our teachers are kind enough to upload lessons, videos and resources to help the cuatro reach new frontiers.

Just choose a lesson, be sure you have your instrument correctly tuned and start enjoying it!

How to register to the lessons

Just navigate to the lesson you want to learn and read the material. Registering an account is not needed unless you want to save your progress. Nevertheless, If you register a free account, then you’ll have the chance of completing each lesson and keep track of your progress.

Full list of Venezuelan Cuatro lessons

Here’s the full list, just choose the one you like the most and start learning right away!

“My dog has fleas” or “Cam Bur Pin Ton”?

A Minor: Tonic, Subdominant and Dominant

A New Kind of Sound – The Electric Cuatro

Acoustic & Electric Cuatro Comparisons

Alegría Alegría – Daisy Voisin

Applying D Major – Seis Por Derecho

Ascending Frenado on a Cuatro- Up Close

B Minor: Tonic, Subdominant, and Dominant

Burrito Sabanero – Accompaniment

C Major: Tonic, Subdominant & Dominant

Can I play Ukulele interpretations with the Cuatro?

Cant Help Falling in Love with You Chords for Cuatro

Comparing Rhythms: Golpe de Arpa y Estribillo

Cuban Son with a Cuatro – 2nd Position

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Where to buy a Cuatro

If you don’t have a cuatro, kindly visit our TuCuatro Store where we offer a variety of exotic and folkloric instruments from different luthiers around the world.

The Cuatro is a four-string instrument, similar to the Ukulele, popular in Venezuela, Colombia and some other Caribbean countries.

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