Genre: Pop Songs Lyrics and Chords

Brian Burton
Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk


D# I remember when I remember I remember when I lost my mind G# There was something so pleasant about that phase Even your emotions

Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk

Something About Us

A#7M A7(b13) It might not be the right time Dm7 G7 I might not be the right one A#7M A7(b13) But there’s something about us

Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk

You’re Beautiful

Intro 2x: A# A#/A Gm7 D#9 A# My life is brilliant F/A My love is pure Gm7 I saw an angel D#9 Of that I’m

Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk


Intro 2x: F#m E D A E/G# F#m Simona F#m7 You’re getting older D your journey’s been A E/G# Etched on your skin F#m Simona

Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk

Carry you Home

Intro 2x: A F#m D A F#m D A F#m D Trouble is her only friend and he’s back again A F#m D A F#m

James Blunt
Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk

GoodBye My Lover

INTRO : E C#m A B VERSE E C#m Did I disappoint you or let you down? A B Should I be feeling guilty or

Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk

Stay The Night

(intro) D A Bm G D A Oh Oh Oh Oh… Bm Oh Oh Oh Oh G Oh Oh Oh Oh A Bm Hey! It’s

Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk

I’ll Be Your Man

(intro) A E F#m D A Too many voices E Too many noises F#m D Invisible wires keeping us apart A So many choices E

Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk

Same Mistake

Intro: G/B C9 D4/F# G G/B C9 D4 D G D G So while I’m turning in my sheets D Em And once again, I

Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk


Intro: A# A# Beautiful dawn D7 lights up the shore for me. Gm There is nothing else in the world, C7 I’d rather wake up

Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk


Intro: G G C C G C Gravity is working against me G C And gravity wants to bring me down Am7 Oh I’ll never

Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk


[Intro] Fm7 Cm Bb Fm7 Cm Bb [Verse 1] Fm7 Cm Bb You gotta go and get angry at all of my honesty Fm7 Cm

Adriaan Van Nieuwkerk

I’ll Show You

Verse 1 Am G F Am G F My life is a movie and everyone’s watching Am G F Am G F So let’s get

Adrian Toro

Hey, Soul Sister

Hey, hey, hey E Your lipstick stains B7 C#m On the front lobe of my Left-side brains A I knew I wouldn’t forget you B7



D Bm7 E7 D Bm7 E7 G A D D Bm7 You’re a falling star, E7 you’re getaway car G A7 You’re the line in



G#m C D# Fm Hello, it’s me G#m C D# Fm I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet G#m C