Pan in A Minor

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Pan in A Minor
E G G# A C A Ab G F E D
G E F# G A F# G B
A Ab A C B Bb B D
D D# E
Am Ab C Cb5 F7 E7
They say to me they want a musical change in pan
Well I didn’t tell them yes, but I didn’t tell them no
Am Ab C Cb5 F7 E7
I say well gentlemen I go do the best I can
E7 Am
As long as you challenge me, well I going to have a go
Dm Am
They all indicated that they were getting bored,
E7 Am A7
And they would appreciate something new
Dm Am
So I thought it best to change to the minor chord
Adim * E7
To see, really who is who
*(Adim riff follows the chord up, in 3 overlapping notes, steps down on E chord)
E7 Am
Boogsie on the tenor, ringing out the minor, (Boogsie Sharp- arrangers)
Up come the professor, To add to the fire (Professor Ken Philmore)
Ah calling on Bradley, to challenge Beverly (Clive Bradley, Beverly Griffith)
Which mean *Desperado, go answer *Tokyo (Jit Samaroo)
E7 Am
You go hear pan in A minor, with them steelband from all over CHORUS:
You going to hear them at their best, they will be going through a test,
C E7
You going to hear them as they pass, burning the grass (Beat pan, beat pan, beat pan)
I walk around the room and I started to create
I know I have to prove to them, I have the ability
I there and then decide the Minor should dominate
If not entirely, for most of the melody
The notes of the chorus carry a simple hook
From the 7th to A minor
It’s really designed to give you a strange new look
On the road, to panorama
They tell me *Catelli, preparing already, But something just tell me, *Pamberi not easy
No one ever mention, the strength of *Blue Diamond,
Forgetting that *Sando, could upset the whole show (To Chorus) (San Fernando area)
I want the boys to know the Grandmaster wish you well
Following the instruction, you should be sounding sweet
I do sincerely hope every single band excel, I know you going to have the crowd
Falling over their feet
Remember you fighting for tonal quality, The spirit of Carnival and good phrase
Arrangement and interpretation, certainly, As to win, all the judges praise
They say *Casablanca, *Starlift and *Invaders
Some *bands from Arima, they master the Minor
But I know they can’t trust, *Solo and *Exodus
All will be hoping to, destroy Jit Samaroo (arranger) (To Chorus)
Beat pan, beat pan, beat pan * Steelband orchestras.

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Performer: Kitchener

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