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Thought I’d cry for you forever But I couldn’t, so I didn’t People’s children die and they don’t even cry forever Thought I’d see your


G#m B F# E G#m B F# E I pull up like G#m B F# E How you pull up, Baby? How you pull up?

Amazing grace

Singer: Judy Collins D G D Amazing grace, How sweet the sound D A That saved a wretch like me. D G D I once

Real Friends

Cm Fm Bb Eb Cm Fm No, I think I’ll stay in tonight, Bb Eb Skip the conversations and the oh, I’m fines, Cm Fm

Say So

Em A7 D D Em Day to night to morning, A7 keep with me in the moment D I’d let you had I known it,


Dm Yeah, you got that yummy yum That yummy yum C That yummy yummy… Dm Yeah, you got that yummy yum That yummy yum C

House of Gold

C F She asked me, Son, when I grow old Am G Will you buy me a house of gold? C F And when your

Twenty Years from Now

G G Em D Bm Pack the suitcase, bring a pillow G Em D Bm It’s gonna be a long hard drive G Em D


G D C % G D C % G D C % G D C % G D C We could leave the Christmas lights

We Are the Champions

Cm G7 I’ve paid my dues Cm G7 Time after time Cm G7 I’ve done my sentence Cm G7 But committed no crime Eb Ab


Am Am C % F % Em % ` Am I love it when you called me señorita, C I wish I could pretend I

Old Town Road

Abm B I’m gonna take my horse to the old town road, F# E I’m gonna ride ’til I can no more Abm B I’m

I Have Been Blessed

D D G A7 D Verse D Bm He works around us in all that He does, Em A all of His mercy and all

If We Forget God

D G D If we forget God, Satan will rule D A7 D If we forget God, our nation is doomed D G D The

I'll fly away

D D D D G G D D D D D D D D A7 D D Some bright morning when this life is over

Living in The Sunlight

E G#m7 C#7 I’m so happy! B B7 E Happy go lucky me! B B7 E I just go my way, B B7 E living

Sealed With A Kiss

Am Em Though we’ve got to say goodbye for the summer Am D7 G Darling, I promise you this E7 Am D B7 Em I’ll

Autumn Leaves Andrew Keogh

Bm Em7 A7 Dmaj7 Dmaj7 Gmaj7 F#7 Bm Em7 A7 Dmaj7 The falling leaves drift by the window Gmaj7 F#7 Bm The autumn leaves of

All Of Me

Fm C# G# D#7 Fm C# G# D#7 Fm Cm#aj7 G# What would I do without your smart mouth D#7 Fm Drawing me in and

Ooh La!

(intro) A#m A#m In their eyes is the place that you find F# You discovered that you love it here, D#m You’ve got to stay

She Moves In Her Own Way

Intro: G Am 2x (primer verso) G Am C So at my show on Monday I was hoping someday Bm D G You’d be on