Am Am7 Dm7 Dear, I fear we’re facing a problem G7 Cmaj7 You love me no longer, I know, and C Dm7 maybe there is


Thought I’d cry for you forever But I couldn’t, so I didn’t People’s children die and they don’t even cry forever Thought I’d see your

The Girl From Ipanema

Cmaj7 Cmaj7 Tall and tan and young and lovely D7 The girl from Ipanema goes walking Dm7 Db7 And when she passes, each one she

How You Remind Me

[Verse] Csus2 Fsus2 Never made it as a wise man Bb5 Ebsus2 Couldn’t cut it as a poor man stealin’ Csus2 Fsus2 Tired of living

Stressed Out

F Dm Am F Dm Am F Dm I wish I found some better sounds no one’s ever heard Am I wish I had a

Kingston Town

G# Fm C# D# G# Fm C# D# G# Cm The night seems to fade, C# D# But the moonlight lingers on C# D# G#

Self Esteem

A F C G I wrote her off for the tenth time today A F C G And practiced all the things I would say


G D F C And I feel that time’s a wasted go. Eb So where ya going to G D F C tomorrow? And I

Nothing else matters

Em D Cadd9 So close, no matter how far Em D Cadd9 Couldn’t be much more from the heart Em D Cadd9 Forever trusting who

Can't Take My Eyes Off You

F You’re just too good to be true Am Can’t take my eyes off you F7 You’d be like heaven to touch A# I wanna

Alegría Alegría

D A7 D Em B7 Em Em A7 % % % % % % % D A7 D D G A7 B7 Entrando la sala

Soca Santa

G# D# A#7 D# (bis) VERSE: D# G# A7 D#7 Santa leave de North Pole and come down to Trinidad G# D# He say it

Wave (English)

Dm7 G7 Dm7 G7 Dm7 G7 Dm7 G7 VERSE Dmaj7 Bbdim Am7 So close your eyes for that’s a lovely way to be D7 Gmaj7


Fm D# Cm C# My face above the water Fm D# Cm My feet can’t touch the ground, C# Fm Touch the ground, and it